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Melt the body into sweet surrender in this multifaceted workshop consisting of massage therapy, reiki, restorative yoga, yin yoga, essential oils, live music, and spoken word. The more we understand our own unique tuning, the more we can consciously create the life we desire, regardless of circumstance.  

Beginners welcome!  

Don’t miss this multifaceted workshop consisting of massage, yoga, live music, spoken word, visualization, and essential oils!

Anne-Margaret and Anthony are a husband and wife team devoted to Raising The Vibration of the planet. Since 2001, their wellness company has served A-list celebrities, five-star hotels, and Fortune 500 companies, providing services designed to enhance the home and work environment. Since 2009, their NYC yoga studio, The Giving Tree, has significantly raised the vibration of the most culturally diverse community in the world. After leading retreats and teaching workshops internationally in Asia, Africa, Central and South America, they turned their focus homeward. Now coming to the end of a 16-month US teaching tour, they have been face-to-face with the declining health of our country.