North Fork Yoga Shala Retreats

Here at North Fork Yoga Shala, in Greenport, we are really proud of our expanding offering of several retreats both near and far as well as the variety of workshops and trainings that we hold both with our own instructors and talented guest instructors and facilitators.

Our retreats, currently led pre-dominantly by Claire Copersino, our Founder and Director, span the globe, and range from a few wonderful days within driving or public transport distance to further afield in Mexico, Costa Rica, various locations in Europe, northern Africa and several in the planning stage that will be further afield.  It is often the case that once someone has joined one retreat, they catch the bug, so to speak, and attend another .. and another .. and another.  Don’t say you weren’t warned J

It is truly magical to watch new connections form on our retreats, new yoga-family bonds be created and very much a family vibe set in within the first 24 hours amongst our small, intimate groups wherever we may be calling home on our retreats.  These connections then grow once back home and you now know that person who was once just a face across the studio.   As a result the community and family feel of the studio just continues to deepen and expand and sweeps everyone who walks through our doors up into the glow.

Claire Copersino Yoga Retreats, trainings, and workshops are curated based upon suggestions from you as well as initiatives from our team of instructors and we always welcome your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

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With Muriel Pellizzi E-RYT, YACEP

In this workshop, Muriel brings you a highly therapeutic practice to honor your own unique physical structure. Without forcing the body into shapes, we adjust the pose to suit your own physical limitations.

As most yoga practices are active and heat building in nature (yang), one must balance active and passive tissues and energy to live in optimal health. Yin yoga helps with that  balance. Yin is slow and mindful as it aims at the deeper connective tissues surrounding joints, ligaments,  tendons and fascia. Yin postures increase mobility and flexibility, release deep-seated energy blocks and prepares the mind for relaxation. This passive yet challenging practice consists mainly of floor postures which are held for 3-5 minutes, encouraging the student to dive inward on a physical and mental level.

Muriel will coax you deeper into relaxation as you release into long held, fully supported Restorative postures. Gentle hands-on therapeutic touch will be given, allowing you to tune in to your own healing resources more easily. By cultivating this deep relaxation you will enhance immune function and clear energetic blocks, while leaving you feeling mentally and physically nourished.

When ones energy is not balanced, we are more likely to feel sluggish, stressed and sick. When our energy is flowing well and balanced, we feel vitality, peace and wellbeing.

Looking for a more therapeutic approach to yoga?  This class is for you and is open to all levels of student.