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North Fork Yoga Shala

Twenty years ago Claire Copersino opened Southold Yoga Centre, adjacent to her health food shop in Southold, which became the first yoga studio on the North Fork of Long Island.  What a wild and wonderful ride it has been all the way to opening her second studio, North Fork Yoga Shala, in January 2014, in Greenport, in the magnificent, historic, masonic temple building on Main Street.

It seems oddly fitting, that twenty years later, the year 2020 came along and shook things up like never before and we now find ourselves currently as an online-based virtual yoga studio with pop-up yoga classes in the open air as the weather permits.  Many of our yogi’s have been asking us for years to create videos, recordings, ways to practice specifically with us, as their schedule allows, independently of our brick and mortar studio.  And so here we are, with a fast growing on-demand library of classes combined with livestream classes creating the ability for our yogi’s to create their own schedule of dedicated practice on the terms that 2020 has been dictating.

We like to consider that the studio is on sabbatical, or an extended retreat, quietly at rest and ready for us to re-enter when masks are optional.  Yoga is by definition a breath practice; and for this reason we feel masks must be optional so each yogi can decide their level of comfort.  As of this writing, (early December 2020), it seems hopeful that we will be able to emerge from the solely virtual world sometime in 2021 and look toward blending what we have created this year with studio classes to ultimately be in the place of giving you more ways than ever before to benefit from practicing yoga with us and being part of our extraordinary community.

One of the surprises we all have experienced who have crossed the bridge into livestream classes is that there is a high level of connectivity amongst us.   There are days when people come to our virtual classes as much for the community connection as for the yoga.  Ultimately the blending of the two delivers much needed soothing, nourishment and joy.  I know that for myself, (Claire here) being able to instantly pivot to livestream classes and blend that with open air classes has been nothing short of lifesaving.  It is impossible for me to imagine what this year would have been like without the balm of all of you showing up and practicing.  Thank you.

If you haven’t walked through the virtual studio door yet, please do give it a try.  There’s nothing to lose, and as many will attest to, a great deal to gain.  Let’s practice hand in hand through this winter and emerge more connected than ever and ready for what lies ahead.

All love, always from your North Fork Yoga Shala Family.

North Fork Yoga Shala is the North Fork’s premiere Yoga Studio located in the heart of Greenport, NY. We are a full-service yoga studio featuring a broad schedule of classes to suit all ages and activity levels. Our credo is centered around our belief that yoga is all-inclusive, and suitable for every body. The energy is palpable from all the many practices that have taken place in this space for countless years. Our Instructors all have a minimum of 200 training hours (with many at the 300 & 500 hour level) and we offer a wide variety of classes. Our instructors are deeply trained and have studied in a variety of lineages, settings and emphases with many extraordinary teacher trainers and yoga luminaries. Claire Copersino (Founder, Director and Instructor) sets a tone that is all-inclusive and accessible to everyone who seeks yoga.   It is vital to her that all feel welcome and able to participate in the most appropriate class for them.