North Fork Yoga Shala’s schedule offers a wide range of classes to suit all ages, agility and fitness levels.  We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive, welcoming environment that makes our practitioners (whether north fork residents or visitors) feel at home.  Our credo is centered around a strong belief and emphasis that yoga is available to everyone and we are committed to helping all who walk through our doors become completely comfortable with taking their practice to the right place for them.  We believe yoga is about finding your own personal sweet spot within any pose or class and we will never ask anyone to push themselves beyond what they are comfortable with.  You will however be asked to break through limiting beliefs, open to limitless possibilities, and offered the opportunity to challenge yourself physically, mentally and energetically, growing stronger in body, mind and spirit under the expert guidance of our team of inspired and deeply trained instructors.  Some of the styles reflected on North Fork Yoga Shala’s schedule include, but are not limited to; Vinyasa, Kula, Iyengar, Budokon, Kripalu, Hatha, Cyndi Lee and Anusara.  Yoga can be a meditation in motion when practiced deliberately and with mindfulness and is at its core a spiritual practice that can guide us toward greater unity within ourselves and the world at large.  It is in this spirit that we continue to grow our schedule of offerings to serve our community and share the many benefits that a regular yoga practice can deliver to its practitioners.